For us Greeks, besides its literal interpretation, the word “reeza” (“root”) also bears a special meaning. That is why we chose this name for our restaurant, and we can assure you that it was anything but accidental. Through our culinary journey, we track down and savour our roots, offering an experience that initiates you “root and branch” to contemporary Greek flavours with strong recollections of the past.

We go back in time when raw ingredients stood out for their purity, we honour Greek traditional flavours with a modern perspective, we initiate ourselves into the Greek land with local products and indulge ourselves with the Greek “sweetness”, we dissociate from anything “pretentious” and get magically transported to a family dinner overlooking the Aegean Sea and the picturesque Chora.

The high standards of the kitchen and the new restaurant menu mark the new era of Reeza. The culinary experience offered to our guests marries the traditional Greek cuisine with a contemporary creative perspective and presents each dish in the light of high-quality raw ingredients and modern techniques.

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Thank you for placing us on top of your preferences and inspiring us to create culinary delights.