Greek chic attitude, non-stop party mood, beaches pulled straight from a postcard, multi-star restaurants and an enchanting Chora make up Mykonos, the island famous for its unsurpassed Cycladic beauty. Discover with us everything there is to know about the most popular Greek island and delve into the life of the locals.

It would be impossible to portray Mykonos in only a few sentences. But we hope to give you a little taste of this unique destination that has been in the world’s spotlight since 1950. Celebrities and stars of the time, including Onassis, Jackie O., Marlon Brando, have been flocking to this compelling islet of the Aegean Sea that became also a popular destination for the gay audience in the ‘70s. Since then, it has become an undeniable must for those seeking good life, whimsical beauty and wanderlust.

The ultimate beauty of Cyclades unfolds in Chora with its newly whitewashed alleys on a white-blue background. Whether you intend to or not, you will almost certainly get lost here, as Mykonos is a city-maze, built in this way to hide from the pirates in the old days! This, however, should not stop you, as it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the real side of the island, with its enchanting architecture, the white houses, the picturesque churches and the flowering bougainvilleas that make for an unforgettable scenery. In Chora, you’ll find the much-photographed Little Venice and the Mills and Gialos with the pelican, the island’s famous attraction, walking down the streets undisturbed.

Outside Chora, the island’s charm stretches into the crystal clear waters of the infinite, yet divergent, beaches. Bohemian and party beach bars, beaches ‘flooded’ with people seeking their 5* services and otherworldly peaceful beaches are found even in August.

And then comes the night, with award-winning restaurants introducing you to modern Greek cuisine -and not only- flavours, and a nightlife that never ends. Cocktails and dancing, clubs with famous DJs on the decks, and beach parties that last until late in the morning initiate you to the world of an island that never sleeps and fulfils the needs of any traveller. What are you waiting for then? The clock is ticking.


Kick back and enjoy a sunset cocktail in Little Venice. It might be a bit overcrowded, but it is definitely worth it. Sunset Catamaran Cruises are also an ideal alternative for unforgettable sunsets over the sea. Ask at the reception to cater to your needs.

Venture on an excursion to the neighbouring islands of Delos (and visit the captivating archaeological site) and Rinia. Ask at the reception for more information.

Visit Armenistis Lighthouse, one of the secret places of the island featuring dreamy views. Combine your visit with a Jeep Safari Tour, which we can arrange for you.
Ask at the reception for more information.

Swim in as many beaches of the island as you can.

Enjoy a wonderful picnic on a beach or at a place of your choice.
You may contact the reception to assist you. 

Rent the vehicle of your choice and explore the island at your leisure.
Ask at the reception to make the necessary arrangements for you.

Say “yes” to the exploratory side of your personality and enjoy a stylish ride with our bike tours, either with a guide or our complimentary Rocabella bikes. Ask at the reception for reservation details.

Visit a local winery or take part in cooking classes to get a true taste of the Cycladic gastronomy. Ask at the reception to book you a place.